Orioles Opening Day 2009 – Awesome!

Wow, that was sooooooo much fun being in the Yards and enjoying the energized O’s fans rooting loudly and stridently for their Birds while sending Tex a message that his kind wasn’t welcomed in these parts!!!  The crowd was into every at bat and wasn’t afraid to show their pleasure:

The Orioles congratulate Brian Roberts (1) after he scored in the third inning on a two-run triple by Adam Jones.

Or their dislike of Tex, which was fierce and sustained to a level I haven’t heard since the ultimate “me” player, Reginald Martinez Jackson, played for the Yankees.  He was hated so much that even Orangebird’s Grandma rooted for “that damn Reggie” to strike out!  Here’s a sample of the fan’s reaction to Tex after he made one of his 4 outs:

Orioles fans boo the Yankees' Mark Teixeira on Opening Day at Camden Yards. 


The game started a bit late because of rain, but none of fans spirits were dampened!  We even had a dead celebrity sighting on Eutaw St.:

Tom Connelly wears an Elvis costume as he promotes the Maryland State Lottery on Opening Day at Camden Yards.

And some fans getting in some early practice in case they were shown on the “Kiss Cam”

Corey Hahn (left) gets a kiss from Manon Geoghegan on Opening Day at Camden Yards.

The pre-game ceremonies began with the introduction of the Evil Empire.  What was particularly funny was that every single person introduced was lustily booed, including trainers, clubhouse attendants, bullpen catchers, etc.  The loudest boos were of course for you know who.  And they were loud and long!  Here’s the view from our seats in the first row of the upper deck behind home plate (obviously my digital camera is better for close-up shots):


Then it was time for the Orioles to run down the Orange Carpet.  Here are some pics of the intros:

Pitcher Koji Uehara jogs through a line of Orioles flags during player introductions on Opening Day at Camden Yards.


Orioles manager Dave Trembley is introduced during pre-game festivities on Opening Day at Camden Yards.


Then it was time for the ceremonial first pitch from Vice President Joe Biden, who was surprisingly booed quite loudly.  Maybe it was because he was wearing an Army hat instead of an O’s hat!


Vice President Joe Biden throws out the first pitch on Opening Day at Camden Yards.

Then it was time to “Play Ball!”  From the get go, Brian Roberts got on base and was continually disrupting CC’s concentration. 

Brian Roberts hits a single in the sixth inning against the New York Yankees. The Orioles second baseman went 3-for-4 and scored two runs. 

Both him and Jorge Posada were not in sync and I witnessed 2 wild pitches and 2 misplays by Jorge.  Jorge continued his poor defensive effort later in the game with another 2 misplays!  I think Jorge needs to remember that the position he plays is called catcher!!


Yankees starter CC Sabathia talks with catcher Jorge Posada during the Orioles' season opener at Camden Yards.


Both B-Rob and Adam Jones had great games.  B-Rob was 3-for-4 (a double and two singles) with a walk and Adam was 3-for-3 (a two-run triple and two singles) with two walks.  They combined for five of the O’s 10 runs!


Orioles outfielder Adam Jones (left) comes to the dugout after scoring in the third inning on a sacrifice fly by Nick Markakis.

Speaking of center fielders, I must say that new Yankees center fielder Gardy looked very slow out there and was completely unable to catch up to anything hit in the gaps!  He won’t remind anybody of Mickey Mantle or even Mickey Rivers!

Go to fullsize image

Eventually the O’s knocked out the $161 million dollar man who gave up six runs on eight hits, five walks and two wild pitches in just 4 and 1/3 innings.  Additionally, he didn’t strike out anybody for the first time since July 25, 2005.  The next pitcher was some schlub named Jonathan Albaladejo, who sounds like the child of Ravens linebacker Brendan Ayanbadejo and Jessica Alba!

He was followed by some guy named Phil Coke.  I’ve never heard of that guy, but he was flat and he fizzed out rather early ran out of gas.  How else do you explain him giving up a homer to Cesar Izturis, who had something like 4 home runs prior to Opening Day!!


Cesar Izturis rounds the bases after hitting a home run in the eighth inning.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure that these guys prefer Pepsi to Coke!

snl1.jpg image by pbmcd

By that point the game was over and all that was left was the post game celebration!!!


The Orioles celebrate their 10-5 win over the New York Yankees on Opening Day at Camden Yards.


Luke Scott (left) congratulates Orioles closer George Sherrill after the Orioles' 10-5 win over the New York Yankees on Opening Day. Sherrill allowed no runs and no hits in the ninth, preserving the win for the O's.


Orioles first base coach John Shelby congratulates center fielder Adam Jones after the O's 10-5 win over the Yankees. Jones was 3-for-3 with three runs, two RBIs and a triple.


The Oriole bird returns




Great game!! Can you guys beat them again tonight??? Please!!!


Happy Passover, Ken. And don’t get too cocky. It was one game. Our teams will be going at it all season!


I cheer for four teams. The Red Sox, Dodgers, Astros, and whoever beats the Yankees!

Bob http://bostonsports.mlblogs.com/

Great pictures! I love the pictures of the fan’s reactions! When I get back home I’ll share some of my pics and also I got Opening Day at home coming up!! I am going to the final game with the Dodgers here at Petco. Game time is 12:30 and aferwards we drive back for the two hour drive(provided no traffic delays)
I love reading other bloggers!

Interesting new blog you’re starting, Ken. There are a few others out there spotlighting Jewish ball players and I’m sure yours will be a fun addition. Looking forward to it.


Did I tell you that in a few hours it will Opening Day at Dodger Stadium!? Vin Scully will throw out the ceremony first pitch!


Great Pics!

Go Orange! I love the entire Camden area. Special ballpark!
I reember being there in the mid 90’s for a school trip.


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