There’s nothing that Brooks won’t sign

In his lifetime, Orioles Hall of Famer Brooks Robinson has given thousands of autographs, scribbling his name on everything from baseball cards to body parts – arms, legs, heads and feet. He has signed body casts, sneakers, golf gloves and footballs.


Brooksie recently listed the top 5 the strangest items he has been asked to sign:

1. A pet rock

“Remember that fad? I used a Sharpie and the autograph turned out fine.”

2. A brassiere

“The woman was wearing it at the time. At a card show in Chicago, she just pulled down her dress a bit and asked me to sign her bra. Who am I to say no to that?”

3. Easter eggs

“Someone wanted them autographed before an egg hunt.”

4. A photo of former Orioles teammate Frank Robinson

“The fan didn’t have my picture, so he had me sign Frank’s instead. I did and then wrote, ‘We’re not brothers, just cousins.’ “

5. A musty old locker from the Orioles’ clubhouse at Memorial Stadium

“The guy swore it was my locker too.”

Of course, I have several Brooks autographs prominently displayed in my house!


That’s pretty funny that he actually signed the photo of Frank Robinson. The extra inscription makes it even more unique!
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Would he sign a guitar? or a chess board?


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