Bottom of O’s Order is the Bottom!

The Orioles got shortstop Cesar Izturis for his glove,


                 Orioles shortstop Cesar Izturis (left) prepares to throw to first base as Texas Rangers third baseman Michael Young slides during the third inning.


catcher Gregg Zaun for his leadership


 Orioles catcher Gregg Zaun looks on against the Tampa Bay Rays at Camden Yards.


and left fielder Felix Pie for his supposed all-around potential.

Orioles center fielder Felix Pie can't haul in a fly ball hit by Boston's David Ortiz in the sixth inning.


To me, Pie looks lost in the outfield and overmatched at the plate.

None of the three was pursued for what he would do offensively in 2009, but there were reasonable expectations that they would actually know how to hit the ball!!.

A month into the season, the regular bottom three in the Orioles’ lineup has produced the worst combined offensive statistics for similar batters in the majors.  OUCH!!!



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Overall, the Orioles’ No. 7 through 9 lineup spots have hit a combined .189, which is 26 points lower than any other big league team, including NL clubs that use pitchers to hit!!!!!  It’s the worst in the AL by 40 points.

The bottom three’s awful performance is so noticeable considering how well the top 3 batters are doing: Brian Roberts, Adam Jones and Nick Markakis have combined to lead the majors in most offensive categories.

Consider this: The Orioles are sixth in the AL with 116 runs scored despite Pie, Zaun and Izturis touching home just 17 times combined in 22 games. In comparison, Roberts has scored 19 runs, Jones 24 and Markakis 23 

However, the Orioles want you believe that it is still early as evidenced by these quotes:

“I don’t see any reason for any sort of panic by anybody. We are all swinging the bat pretty well,” said Zaun, who is hitting .111 in 54 at-bats this year. “Felix is putting good swings on the ball, he is doing some things. Cesar has been consistent. I’ve been consistent with the quality of the contact and the quality of the at-bats. We just haven’t had as much fall in for us as the guys up top.”.

“We’re a little disproportionate now; we’re a little top heavy,” club president Andy MacPhail said. “I’m pretty confident that we have the internal options to address that, either with the guys we currently have or the other options that are available internally. It’s one of those issues that we’re keeping an eye on, and we’re mindful of how we can address it as we go on.”

Given the personnel, Orioles hitting coach Terry Crowley said he has no concerns about the early season slumps. After all, Zaun, for instance, was a career .251 hitter entering the season, and Izturis was a career .260 hitter.

“Those guys are going to come around,” Crowley said. “They are going to stay strong mentally, they are not going to make any crazy changes with their batting stances, and they are going to end up getting their share of hits.”

As for Pie, 24, who is batting .157, Crowley said the club knew it had to demonstrate patience when it brought him north from Florida.

“When we left from spring training, we knew he was an inexperienced ballplayer and we were going to take our time, give him some at-bats,” Crowley said. “Pie is going to learn. Pie is going to be better the second half of the year than he is the first half. Because that is the way it is when you are learning on the job.”

Izturis has already showed significant improvement, batting .355 during a nine-game hitting streak that ended with an 0-for-2 performance Wednesday. His average sits at .242.

“A slow start can happen to anybody,” Izturis said. “We’re trying, and hopefully in a couple days we will be fine. It is early, so we just have to keep trying and see what happens.”

Orioles manager Dave Trembley stressed that the bottom third of the lineup doesn’t have to possess high averages so long as it contributes strong at-bats.

“It would be to our benefit if guys in the bottom of the lineup would have one or two quality at-bats a game, and that doesn’t necessarily mean get hits,” Trembley said. “Walks, pitches seen, move runners, productive outs. And with two outs, the guys hitting eight or nine find their way on base any way they can so the lineup gets rolled over.”

Trembley isn’t looking to make a change at this time. But his patience may wear thin as the season progresses.

“This month is coming to a close and we’re hoping that we’ll show some improvement,” Trembley said. “We have to be more balanced. That’s really important.”

I’d look for more at-bats from catcher Chad Moeller


 Orioles catcher Chad Moeller goes into the stands to catch a foul fly ball off the bat of Boston's Dustin Pedroia during the first inning. The O's fell to the Red Sox, 2-1.


and more playing time in left for Lou Montanez

                                   Lou Montanez scales the left field wall, watching Jim Thome's home run sail into the stands during the third inning. The Orioles fell to the White Sox, 8-2.

and Luke Scott,

                              Luke Scott doubles to center in the fifth inning, scoring Aubrey Huff. The Orioles scored three runs in the fifth and three more in the sixth en route to an 8-5 win over the Rangers.

with the very real possibility that Nolan Reimold,


who is tearing up Triple A, will be recalled and Pie sent down.


The month of April has not been kind to many; let’s hope that in May hope can spring eternal!


There’s something wrong here… YOU ARE STARTING TO LIKE CHAD MOELLER!!!!!
Why not call up Wieters and have him DH some.
The Lineup I want

Wieters (DH)
Luke Iss :)
Salad Man
That would get more pop!

What about this lineup instead:

B-Rob, 2B
Adam Jones, CF
Nick Markakis, RF
Aubrey Huff, 1B
Melvin Mora, 3B
Luke Scott, DH
Matt Wieters, C
Nolan Reimold/Lou Montanez, LF
Salad Man, SS

Weiters can bat 5, 6, or 7, depending on how he’s doing.

Pie will be in AAA, figuring out how to be a 5-tool player again.

I thought Luke Scott was supposed to be the next great hope. Why hasn’t he been playing more?

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