Whacko for Flacco!!!

Earlier on Thursday, the Baltimore Orioles

drafted third baseman Mike Flacco from the

Community College of Baltimore, Catonsville

(formerly Catonsville Community College) in

the 31st round of the 2009 Major League

Baseball draft. Mike Flacco, 22, is the younger

brother of Ravens starting quarterback Joe

Flacco, 24.


Mike Flacco




The Orioles were one of several teams who

were interested in Mike Flacco, who as a

freshman, hit .399, with 14 home runs and 51



This was the first time that he had played

baseball in three years after suffering a back

injury playing football.


Catonsville Coach Dan Blue calls Flacco

humble and unassuming, happy to just go about

his business, which usually includes class in

the morning, baseball in the afternoon and then

dinner out with his brother. Mike said that he

tried cooking a few times, with not-so-yummy

results. Instead, the brothers head out for dinner

at a nearby restaurant and some light

conversation. Soon, Mike hopes, he can join

Joe as a professional athlete.  


Mike Flacco was happy that the Orioles drafted

him today, though it rankled the 22-year-old

slugger that he lasted until the 31st round.

“Yeah, I was disappointed that I didn’t go

sooner,” said Flacco, the CCBC-Catonsville

third baseman and brother of Ravens

quarterback Joe Flacco. “I thought I did pretty

well at my workout at Camden Yards last week.

Joe was pretty mad, too. But being ticked off is

good motivation. Now I have to prove to [the

Orioles] that I was a better pick than where they

took me.”


The Orioles were his team of choice, and

Flacco’s selection will certainly create a buzz for

the club, given his brother’s success as the

Ravens’ starter.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Mike Flacco

said he had received cyber-congratulations via

text messages from a couple of dozen friends in

the first hour after learning his baseball future.

“I was laying on the living room floor when my

mom got on the computer and saw my name on

mlb.com,” he said. “[Orioles scout] Dean Albany

called a couple of minutes later. He said they

were happy to get me, that they like my

athleticism — and for me to show them now

what I can do.”

Flacco’s response? I’m ready.

“I’ve got no timetable [for progress],” he said. “I’ll

take things one day at a time and just try to get

the barrel of the bat on the ball.”

But playing “what-if” can be tantalizing, he said.

“Playing at Camden Yards would be awesome.

If I were to get up there, I think a lot of people

would show up just because I’m Joe’s brother,”

Flacco said.

“Who knows, if I make it maybe Joe and I can

live [in Baltimore] together. Maybe we could get a mansion — though Joe would have to foot the

bill for awhile.”

At the very least, Mike Flacco said, his selection

“definitely insures that Joe will be an Orioles fan

for the next couple of years.”


That is really neat that the brothers could end up playing for teams in the same town! Good luck to them both!


That is great about the brothers! Love the last name! You know “flaco” is slang for skinny in Spanish.

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