It’s time to give the Orioles a great big Chai


5 for their current five game winning streak!!!




Let’s see how the Baltimore Sun’s “Ricig” views these wins!


Orioles 6, Mets 4



47580058.jpgOrioles 5, Mets 4


Orioles 7, Phillies 2



47619981.jpgOrioles 6, Phillies 5



47629743.jpgOrioles 2, Phillies 1


Let’s see if they can make it to 18 in a row!!! 



I didn’t know that Brooks could jump that high!!!




Great job on the streak!


So you are feasting on the NL? As long as you don’t beat on my Dodgers. Great cartoons and pictures.

Oh, the mental anguish that series caused me! We were listening to Saturday’s game on the radio while driving home from dinner, and came in the house to flip on the game in the ninth, with the Phils still up 5-4, and one man on base. My husband mockingly said that “I’ll bet he gives up a two-run homer” and proceeds to go into the bathroom. Sure enough, we know what happened, as I’m then yelling through the door, “You had to go and say that, didn’t you!”
We actually took in a game the prior weekend on the way to Myrtle Beach, and saw the O’s jump all over Derek Lowe and the Braves. The O’s are a better team than their record would indicate – they just needed better pitching at the beginning of the season.
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

The Orioles aren’t exactly in it to win the AL East but they never seem to back down huh?

You’re going to want to check out the newest pictures of Scott that are up on my blog!


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